1. Of the Ohio


He said I like it but I think I really miss your edge
As we listened to my songs on his TV set
We drank a couple beers and then I went to bed
I couldn't sleep and thought about the thing he'd said.

It's true that I've been struggling since the band broke up
Been looking for the melody in milder stuff
Do i have to sing at the top of my lungs to be heard

I made a decent record but it didn't sell
I promised lot's of money to the guys who helped
Then I moved across the country and my voice gave out
I saw a bunch of doctors and they all found

Different things
The first was sure that it was allergies
And the second specialist said he did agree
Four months, a routine and some pills a day later
And i really wasn't getting any better

It's gone, it's gone
And I wondered if it's time to move on
It's gone, it's gone
Well I had a good run
And I think it might be time to sing another song

I decided that I couldn't throw the towel in yet
So I saw a different doctor and you'd never guess
That the thief in the night was a meal that I ate before bed
Mixed with stress it was eating me alive

I started on some medicine to neutralize
All the acid in my stomach
And I learned not to eat after seven
What am I, fifty-five

Well the symptoms eased up
And the pain regressed
And a good friend's teaching me how to deal with the stress
In the word's of John Mayer I'm In repair
And I think that the worst is behind me

It's gone, I think it's gone
And I'm glad that I don't have to move on
It's gone, it's gone
And I'm learning how to sing again
I hope that i can write you a million songs

When things settled down and I had a mo
To miss all my family and my friends back home
Just a boy and girl of the Ohio
Trying to make it out on the West Coast

Been asking the Lord what it all means
Been writing lots of songs about my feelings
And I'm making progress in therapy
Trying to make sense of why it feels so hard

To be gone, I'm gone
And I'm finding it hard to move on
I'm gone, I'm gone, when will this place feel like home I don't know
But I'm gone, I'm gone, and I'm finding it hard to move on
I'm gone, I'm gone
Do you always have to leave just to figure out where you belong